Sponsored by San Juan Island Rotary Club and Community Partners


SJI 36 Weekends

In partnership with community volunteers and San Juan Island Elementary School, our program sends home nutritious food for kids, who might otherwise go hungry over the weekend, during the school year.


Our Story

Kids, Community and Your Compassion

We are a group of volunteers with a passion for kids who need your help. Some of our island kids go without food over the weekend. Nearly 40% of our island kids are enrolled in free and reduced lunch program.  

36 Weekends offers a solution to weekend student nutritional needs.

Established Fall 2018


What we provide

How you can help

Our Compass

Our Sponsors


Our Mission is to draw an awareness to kids nutritional needs and send home nutritious food for kids, through community partnerships and collaboration.

Our Values are kids nutrition, dignity, education, honesty, respect and compassion.


We want to hear from you!

Get in touch with SJI 36 Weekends to learn more about our work and how you can get involved. We try to respond in 48 hours.


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